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In Houston, TX, I worked with teachers in a breakout session on how to give better feedback without exhausting ourselves.

“Gerard Dawson is thoughtful and lucid!” – Todd Finley, Prof. of English at ECU


Better Feedback: A sustainable way to help students reach standards

Goals for this session include:

-Understand the meaning and purpose of feedback, advice, and grades

-Refine instructional standards into student-friendly language

-Develop systems for students to self-assess their work

-Facilitate successful student peer feedback sessions

-Learn practical strategies to manage teacher to student feedback

How to Teach Reading, Books, and Readers

Goals for this session include:

-Use a focus on craft to build student reading and writing skills in an engaging way

-Balance independent reading with curriculum novels and nonfiction

-Create speaking events that engage all students in text-based discussions

-Assess students’ skills while building their reading lives

Past Speaking Events

Opening day PD for Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, Houston, TX, August 2017

How to teach reading, books, and readers, The College of New Jersey, August 2017

Hacking Literacy, Barnes & Noble, Whitehall, PA, April 2017

Hacking Literacy, Barnes & Noble at The College of New Jersey, September 2016

Developing Teacher Leaders Through Collaborative Alumni Partnerships, Conference on English Leadership with Dr. Emily Meixner and Dave Knecht, November 2014

How to give better feedback, Hightstown High School Faculty PD, April 2014

Three Questions for Writing Teachers Who Want to Give Better Feedback, Dr. Emily Meixner’s pre-service teachers class at The College of New Jersey, March 2014

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