Welcome Cult of Pedagogy Readers!

I’ve read a lot of Jenn’s stuff and you probably have, too. So, we probably have some things in common when it comes to this whole teaching thing. I’d like to recommend a few resources to you as a fan of all things Cult of Pedagogy:

  1. How to give students better feedback without working nights and weekends: This article is my ultimate guide to setting up your class so students get that all important feedback on their work, without you having to do it all.
  2.  Tool for shame or path to growth? How teachers can do cold calling right: Cold calling is one of those terms in teaching that has a stigma to it. In this post, I outline how it can actually be used as a tool to empower shy kids.
  3. Everything I learned while teaching English without grades: I teach in a real school like you. But this is the story of my year-long experiment to stop grading. Read this to find out what happened.

I also have some extra resources that you might find useful. I call it the Better Feedback Toolkit. It’s a few of my best tips on how to move students forward while saving our oh-so-precious time.

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