4 Resources (and questions that got me thinking)

Every two weeks, a few colleagues and I get together.  At the end of the conversation, I find a page full of notes with useful resources and questions.

Why keep that all to myself?

Here’s the first in what I hope to be an on-going series of messages filled with resources and questions to consider. Enjoy…

  1. Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Education Paradigms”

A personal classic that I always find worth revisiting.  Robinson outlines the state of education from 10,000 feet, placing our current medication- and test-obsessed school system in context with the industrial revolution and the modern technological revolution. I prefer to watch the RSA Animate version because the visuals enhance his message in a clever and meaningful way.

To consider: what’s the first step towards moving in the direction Robinson suggests? How do we make the classroom a place that awakens students instead of anesthetizes them?

  1. Geneva Gay’s “Hip-hop hip-hope” and “Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching.” Gloria Ladson-Billings “But That’s Just Good Teaching! The Case for Culturally Responsive Teaching”

To consider: where are your gaps in cultural knowledge?  What cultures are part of your students’ lives but not part of your classroom?

  1. Dividing our attention or enhancing the conversation? Live-tweeting lessonsand back channel discussion in the classroom.

To consider: How can we balance the benefits of a connected classroom with the ever-shrinking attention span of students?

  1. Evolving understandings of source attribution and plagiarism: “What your students really need to know about digital citizenship” by Vicki Davis via Edutopia.

To consider: How do writing teachers negotiate the changing nature of sharing sources, attributing sources, and research, with the traditional standards of research taught in the English classroom (i.e. MLA, typically)?

Hopefully these resources and questions will be helpful and will allow for a continued conversation. Reply with comments or new questions for discussion.

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